• Stage Rank Final 2 (NORMAL)

  • Kill the copies equally with your units

  • Killing all the copies will create Generation Break.

  • (Optional) If your group kill the copies within 3 turns, 4 Guarder III will appear. (2 left;2 right)

  • Don't worry too much about their stats.Anyway, their stats are fixed.

  • Watch out for MAP attacks especially when 4 Guarder III appears.Not to forget,the Valvados MAP attack. To counter this, equip your best group with Barrier Field Optional Parts.

  • (Recommendable) All the units including Master unit and Warship Crew kill the copies and Valvados equally (2 each)

(Doesn't work much if your group's Guest has the Luck ability that adds 2 ACE POINTS for each kill.)

  • You'll get hefty sum of capitals and 300 ACE points (1st place only). Very worthy if you want to increase your character stats and abilities quickly.

‎(NOTE: You must finish first the NORMAL mode until the end. After the credits, load your finished game. And you will notice you can change the game mode (NORMAL) or (HELL) at the top menu (WORLD TOUR).Select the final mission in NORMAL mode.Repeat the mission as many as you can.