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Bridge Crew roles[]

Warship Seat Guide.jpg

Seat #1 - Captain - Uses all stats

All stats are used. With the Leadership(統率力) ability, the "Group Area" can become larger which affects many Map-based skills and abilities such as capturing units or using ship skills. The warship will also use only the skills that the Captain has. Another notable skill a Captain should have other than Leadership is Dignity(威風).

Seat #2 - 1st Officer - Uses all stats, except charm

Second in Command, assists the Captain. This seat will only use the stats of the character, so many skills are rendered useless except for the ones with the only requirement being that the character is on a warship. The best characters to choose for this seat are characters with the Assistant(補佐) skill, as it can potentially increase all of the needed stats for that character by 50 as long as s/he is in this seat.

Seat #3 - Operator - Uses Shooting

Uses Shooting stat to raise the hit chance of the Warships Weapons. It is recommended to use characters with both Information Analysis(情報解析) and Fire Control(射撃管制) for this seat, as it will dramatically increase the accuracy of the warship. If the character has any skills that increase the shooting stat, those will help.

Seat #4 - Helmsman - Uses Reaction

Uses Reaction stat to raise the Evade chance of the Warship. It is recommended to use characters with both Helmsman Sense(操艦センス) and Anti-Air Fire(対空砲火) for the most effectiveness of dodging as well as an added bonus of increasing the attack power of the rapid firing weapons of the warship. If the character has other skills to increase the Reaction stat, those will help too.

Seat #5 - Mechanic - Uses Defense

Uses Defense stat to raise HP recovery of the Warship and the MS in the Hangar. Recommended characters for this seat are characters with Mechanical Skill(機械技術) and Dexterity(器用) to maximize the recovery rate of the ship as well as increase the maximum EN of the ship. Other skills that increase the Defense stat of the character will help as well.

Seat #6 - Guest/Idol - Uses Charm

Uses Charm stat to raise EXP gain of the Warship crew. Characters best suited for this seat are ones with the skills Charisma(カリスマ) and Fortune(幸運), which will add more Charm and EXP as well as increase the ACE Points recieved, respectively.

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